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New Zealand

Having suffered on an ongoing basis depression and also years of feeling overwhelmed by others and isolated, I am happy to say that after one consult with Christine I feel like a different person and feel like I am reconnected with the world. Thank you so much Christine for your wisdom and great attention to detail. I am now a client for life!

Helen Halfyard

In February 2019 I visited Dr Suppelt with my grandson Freddie, who at the time was 15 months old. My daughter Kerrie, Freddie’s mother, was at her wit’s end with Freddie. He was always crying, generally very miserable, often in pain, very clingy to his mum, throwing up frequently, heavily constipated and sleep was practically unheard of. He was on the lowest percentile for height and weight. Kerrie sat and explained all of the above in Dr Suppelt’s comfortable consulting room and was given some remedies, clearly marked as when to take them. After the first appointment we all noticed a huge improvement with Freddie. He calmed down, gained weight, grew, cut more teeth and sleeping became much easier. As I write this Freddie sleeps really well, goes down like a dream. He has become much less clingy, has started to eat better, trying new foods and the constipation has improved dramatically. With the remedies GP appointments are now a thing of the past. Kerrie always seemed to be at the GP with Freddie with one thing or another (ear infections, coughs, colds etc.). Sometimes she ended up in A&E as things got so bad. Freddie recently had chickenpox, the special remedies helped him through what could have been a long illness. Within 4 days he was back to his old self again, scabbing over extremely quickly and able to start his first day at play school as planned. My grandson now really is a very happy toddler, he smiles with his eyes, if you know what I mean. He is now growing well, developing at a rake of knots. I really cannot recommend Dr Suppelt enough.

Greg Harris

My name is Greg Harris and Dr Suppelt helped me when I was 16 to treat my glandular fever & constant bouts of tonsillitis. I want to say a massive thank you, I am 24 now and have not had tonsilitis once since the treatment, and have been so pleased to have been able to stay away from antibiotics ever since.

Emilie Arthur

I've always been an anxious person but after having my 2 children my anxiety seemed to get worse. Having returned to work after maternity leave everything felt incredibly overwhelming, I felt unable to cope with normal every day activities, I couldn't think straight and I felt a cloud of fog come over my brain stopping me from processing tasks and conversations and generally overthinking everything I was doing and saying. I kept hoping the feelings would go away but they never did. Having visited my GP I started counselling and was given a prescription for antidepressants, but for me medication wasn't a route I felt comfortable with and chose to look for a more natural remedy, which is when I found homeopathy. Having visited Christine in her clinic I instantly knew it was the right treatment for me. Christine took the time to fully understand everything about me, how I was feeling, my emotions, my lifestyle, personality, fears, phobias, likes, dislikes, the list was endless. At the end of the session I was given a personalised homeopathic remedy to try for 4 weeks. Within 24 hours I felt so much better, so much calmer, less anxious, able to be more patient with my children, but most importantly I felt the brain fog I had been experiencing slowly starting to clear and I felt able to think again and just feel more like me. Close friends even commented on how different I seemed it such a short space of time. Even now I keep expecting those feelings to resurrect themselves and as yet they haven't. Naturally I still have worries and stress but I feel more able to cope with those feelings and rationalise them. Most importantly, I now know that if I do start to feel similar symptoms recurring I will turn to Christine and homeopathy again as part of my toolkit for coping.


I suffer from interstitial cystitis, for which, at the current time there is no cure. Conventional medication and procedures alleviated the symptoms somewhat but I was not able to have a normal life. I could not consume most foods or drink and eating out was a problem.Travel of any sort (even to work and back) was extremely difficult, and had to be planned with hourly and sometimes half hourly stops I was sceptical but contacted Dr Suppelt out of desperation, when after eight years’ treatment and procedures at various hospitals, my job was being affected, due to tiredness and forgetfulness through sleep deprivation. After 8 months of treatment by Dr Suppelt, there have been huge improvements and I feel like I almost have my life pre-IC back. I can now enjoy small quantities of foods that I could not previously tolerate, and am able to travel much more easily and have even recently enjoyed trips abroad. But the best part is now instead of waking every 45 minutes every night, I now enjoy up to three hour stretches of undisturbed restful sleep. I no longer feel constantly tired and feel calmer, stronger and more balanced than I have in over ten years. I am so grateful to Dr Suppelt for helping me regain the joy in life, and I would not hesitate to recommend her. I felt I had nothing to lose when I first contacted her, but she really has turned my life around. Thank you, Christine.

Naomi Hamilton

Dear Dr Suppelt It is a privilege to take this opportunity to use this platform about my personal experience with you. I have been experiencing Ectopic Heartbeats for some years but 9 months ago I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation and have had several visits to A and E resuscitation. The AF is very acute and debilitating and the NHS treatment is adequate but uninspiring. This prompted me to research my condition and I found Dr Suppelt’s website. Since starting treatment with Dr Suppelt I have not had any AF attacks and my Ectopic heartbeats have almost disappeared. I am now able to go out without fear of an AF attack and and my energy and verve for life is returning. I would highly recommend a consultation for advice and treatment if needed.

Faiza Rafiq

In the beginning of 2015 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I suffered severely with pains in my shoulders, wrists, fingers and knuckles. Some days my pain was so bad that I was unable to get myself out of bed, I used to cry almost everyday and I went into this depressed state of mind. I was put on strong medication like methotrexate and I also had regular steroid injections to try to control the level of pain I was going through. I was 26 years old but I felt as if I was stuck in the body of an 80 year old, I had minimal movement and was unable to do simple things in my everyday life, I was at the point where I was ready to try anything to help me get away from these painful symptoms. I started my journey with homeopathy in March 2016, when it was introduced to me by my dentist who was a friend of Dr Christine Suppelt. He gave me her details and strongly recommended I go see her for a consultation. I did exactly that, Hoping for a miracle I went along to Dr Suppelt's clinic and I was blown away by the first consultation meeting we had, it felt like therapy, I felt mentally and physically relieved. It was so comforting to speak to someone who actually understood what I was going through. Dr Suppelt was so helpful and so welcoming, she prescribed me with medication which was best suited for me, I saw her every month after that, my health started to improve and my pain slowly started to disappear. I had also noticed a personal change in me, not only was my arthritis getting better but I was a lot more happier, I was more stronger and I felt amazing on the inside, this was all due to the medication I was taking as it wasn't only targeted at my arthritis but was also curing me from the inside, as arthritis has many causes which are due to us personally and what we eat etc. We are now in December 2016 and I can definitely say I am cured, She has helped me in a way that I never thought anyone could, homeopathy is something I had never thought about but going to Dr Suppelt is the best thing I have ever done and I would recommend it to everyone. Dr Suppelt managed to cure me in 9 months, where as the NHS, doctors/hospitals were still figuring all this out. I would like to personally thank Dr Suppelt for helping me become a pain free and happy person! I have learnt so much from her and I can truly say I have gained my youthful self back!

Mrs L Bischoff
Linton Kent

I contacted Dr Suppelt with an open mind to homeopathy regarding my sixteen-year-old son. For the past eighteen months he had been in out of hospitals, had repeated blood and other tests where doctors were struggling to understand a persistent febrile illness. In addition to the febrile illnesses he also sustained a ruptured spleen which complicated matters further. Eventually his blood test showed up that he had had the Epstein Barr virus, which is better known as Glandular Fever. Whilst the virus was not active, my son repeatedly had reoccurring symptoms. These symptoms, which were much the same as the original viral infection, although not as bad, had a detrimental effect on him physically and mentally . The reoccurrence happened every month or so, but all the time I was having to keep giving him ibruprofen and paracetamol to ease his discomfort. He suffered extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, fevers, extreme thirst and night sweats.

Our consultation with Dr Suppelt focused on his current symptoms in addition to discussing previous illnesses and any other information that may have been relevant. We agreed that he would no longer take any conventional medicine but only his homeopathic tablets. After only two days my son felt much better and after three weeks of taking his new medication we met with Dr Suppelt for a follow up appointment. My son had been very well and was feeling fantastic for the first time in a long time.

Two months later, my son has remained extremely well and we remain positive that the homeopathic remedy has finally treated his post Glandular Fever symptoms.

We are so grateful to Dr Suppelt.

Peter Hart
Jersey, Channel Islands

I had my first consultation with Dr Suppelt in December 2014 by Skype as I was too ill to see her in person. I had a reoccurrence of cancer and was about to embark on a program of chemotherapy and needed all the help I could get to support me through this process as my prognosis was not good. I found Dr Suppelt to be very approachable, she immediately put me at ease with her compassionate and caring manner and I found it quite easy to relate to her my past and present medical history and life events that may have contributed to my illness.

She prescribed several remedies that would help with the conditions that were manifesting from my diagnosis and also ones to help with the side effects of the chemotherapy.

I have subsequently had a face to face consultation and consider myself very blessed to have found Dr Suppelt and Homeopathy, as it is having a very positive effect on healing both my mind and body.

I am currently halfway through my chemotherapy and have suffered only minor side effects. I have had very encouraging results from a recent CT scan and believe that the improvement is down to Homeopathy and the other various approaches that I am taking to improve my health.

My wife is also seeing Dr. Suppelt and cannot sing her praises enough, she feels she needs support too to help her deal with the trauma of my diagnosis.

Nigel Utton

I am writing to thank you for the tremendous support you gave me during last year. I really appreciated the time and care you took in working out what remedies would help me through an emotionally traumatic situation. Had I seen a conventional doctor I am sure I would have been put on some damaging mind altering psychiatric drugs to stop me feeling the strong emotions which came up when I decided to leave my profession of over twenty years. The gentle power of homeopathy has helped me to find a new level of health and wellbeing and a new positive direction for my life as a whole. I have managed to shed two stone in weight and gain a level of health which I have not experienced in years. Thank you so much.

Laura Aragon

“I work with horses, riding them every day for 5-6 hours. When I finish I always have a horrible pain in my left knee. I tried to rest it for a few days, but the pain stayed the same. I was really worried because riding is my work and I couldn’t find a solution. I told Christine my problem and we started with some acupuncture sessions.
For me it was a miracle: After the first day I started to feel much better, I could ride almost without any pain. Because of the distance (I don’t live in England) I couldn’t continue with the acupuncture treatment, but she gave me some homeopathic pills and I can’t believe how good I feel now. I really want to thank Christine for her help and her kindness, so once again, thank you for everything."

Charles Mulley

I am a 67 year old man who was eventually diagnosed after many consultations and blood tests etc. by my G.P. with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E. All he could offer me in the way of treatment was to try various anti-depressants over a period of time in the hope that one would be of help.

Not happy with taking pills on an if or maybe basis I decided to seek help elsewhere.

On the internet I found the website of Dr Christine Suppelt who told me she had helped many people with the same problem and it would need me to follow a diet and take various Homeopathic remedies and vitamin / supplements over a 3 month period ,with monthly consultations to rid my gut of excess Candida.

I have now completed the 3 months following her various recommendations and am happy to say I am now free of the problem and feel better than I have done for years. I would take this opportunity to thank her for all her help and guidance and would recommend her to anyone with the same problem.

Amy Wetmore

Severe Sleep Problems in a 2 Year Old
I brought my two year old to meet Dr Suppelt as he was waking 5-7 times a night. We had tried every sleep tactic suggested and even gone to the GP to get sedatives to try and get him out of the habit of waking. Nothing worked and I was literally tearing my hair out. After initial consultation where Dr Suppelt looked at the patient as a whole, not just targeting his symptoms, we went home to give him a course of medicines, which literally changed him overnight. I am pleased to say, 3 months on, he is a different person at night and rarely wakes up now. Thank you.

C. Harris

I went to see Dr Suppelt at the end of 2011 as I had had Cystitis three times in April, August and November of that year.  Aside from the unpleasant physical symptoms, I found it emotionally stressful and upsetting.  I was also concerned about overusing antibiotics, as over the counter remedies and cranberry juice etc had not worked.

By chance, I told a friend about it and she said that she had had regular Cystitis for years until she went to a homeopath and got it sorted out for good; I was concerned that it was only a matter of time until it returned so I searched on the internet and made an appointment with Dr Suppelt.

Dr Suppelt is warm and approachable and really takes her time to find out about your personality and look at you as a whole person.  She gave me a diet plan and some tiny pills to take if I got another infection.  Luckily, the change in diet sorted things out for nine months, which was a vast improvement, and it was only in August 2012 that I got another infection (due to being outside in very hot weather and not drinking enough water).  I started taking the pills at 7.30pm and to be honest, I was a bit concerned that they wouldn’t work, firstly because I was slightly sceptical and secondly because I wasn’t sure how long they would remain ‘potent’.  Anyway, I am thrilled to say that I woke up at 5.30am and the Cystitis had completely cleared up.

I can’t thank Dr Suppelt enough and I wholeheartedly urge anyone who suffers from Cystitis to make an appointment with her and get it sorted out and get away from antibiotics. 

Nigel Utton
Head teacher, Broadstairs

I first learned about homeopathy through a television series many years ago about a Greek homeopath George Vithoulkas. Having been brought up to believe and trust medical doctors I was interested but sceptical about what homeopathy could offer. My sister and I were diagnosed about the same time with Crohn’s Disease. She opted for the traditional medical route and had a section of her gut removed * . I was not willing to have such radical surgery and decided I had nothing to lose by seeing a homeopath first. The homeopathic treatment was rapid and highly effective – I have had no recurrence of the symptoms for twenty-five years. From that point on I was convinced: I later developed chronic eczema, which again responded rapidly, and I have had no recurrence. Most recently I have been treated for pneumonia. My GP prescribed antibiotics but carried out no tests to see if the cause was bacterial or viral – antibiotics have no effect on viruses – and as they make me ill I decided to consult Dr Suppelt instead. I felt better within a few hours of taking the remedies and improving rapidly to a full recovery. Doctors criticise homeopathy and call it unscientific – and yet they are constantly experimenting with different drugs and treatments, which they cannot explain. Physicists understand so little about how our universe works – the more they discover the less they appear to understand. Are atoms solid objects or are they energy? Physicists will tell you they can be both depending on how you look at them. My understanding is that homeopathy is concerned with energy – one day we may well have the scientific insight to understand just how it works. Meanwhile, I know from personal experience that the treatments are powerful and the effects are lasting. I suggest you give it a go!

Nigel Utton, Head teacher, Broadstairs

* She later started to become anaemic – it was only by my careful reading of the literature that I realised they had removed the section of her gut, which metabolises vitamin B12 – a factor in blood production. The doctors were supposed to have given her regular supplements of the vitamin but had omitted to inform her. Instead they were giving her iron tablets, which she could not convert!

Jilly Deeker-Harris
Maidstone, Kent

I found Dr Suppelt through a friend’s recommendation and booked an appointment with an open mind in the hope that she would be able to sort out a problem I had been left with following a double prolapsed operation. The problem consisted of constantly wanting to urinate. I had been prescribed Vesicare by my consultant. He did not know why I had been left with this problem. I had been taking the medication for over a year and had found if I did not urinate under two hours then the urge to go would subside. I did not, however, want to remain on the drug indefinitely, but whenever I stopped it, the problem returned. Dr Suppelt luckily knew of a homeopathic remedy which she felt would solve the problem. I stopped taking Vesicare and have not looked back since.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Suppelt. Her ability to be able to put you at ease and her interest in treating the ‘whole’ person is reassuring.
Thank you so much for your care.

S Miller

This testimonial is written in appreciation to Dr Christine Suppelt for her professional caring and kindness.

After a warm welcome into calm and comfortable surroundings, I felt completely at ease and fully able to discuss my problems with Dr Suppelt.  The appointment was unrushed and a full history taken. Many questions were asked to assess my individual personality, therefore enabling Dr Suppelt to treat me as a ‘whole person’ and not just based on a presented problem.

As Dr Suppelt, is herself, also a Registered Medical Doctor she is able to view illnesses from both perspectives.

The prescribed remedy, taken over a period of time, is duly doing its job and continues to do so. No more broken nights caused by sinus headaches, just waking up after a good night’s sleep leaving me feeling ready to deal with each day without the constant cycle of headaches and tiredness. I am eating well, enjoying hobbies again and have more energy. As a little extra, when I mentioned a forthcoming dental appointment, Dr Suppelt prescribed a homeopathic relaxant and Arnica which reduced bruising and swelling following root canal treatment.

Thank you for your continuing support and help. I am very grateful and would not hesitate in recommending you.

Paul J. Goodwin FCA

I first went to see Dr. Suppelt, more out of desperation than hope, in August 2008. Surprisingly, I had no faith in homeopathic medicine but I really had nowhere else to go. For the last few years I had been unfortunate enough to suffer from a chronic condition, known as Vernal Conjunctivitis. The cause of it is an allergic reaction by the eyes. It might appear to be a minor complaint, but, because it affected my eyes, with soreness, pain, excessive watering and poor vision, it really was beginning to make life very unpleasant. I had been seeing a conventional consultant for the previous two years and he had prescribed a long-term treatment of steroid based medicine for which I had developed a sight threatening side effect (pressure within the eyes that would eventually lead to blindness).

He could offer no further treatment. Within two months of undergoing consultations with Dr. Suppelt and using the prescribed homeopathic remedies, my eye condition was cured. The treatment that I was given seemed to be based upon me as a person rather than the symptoms themselves. A pleasant side effect was that my acute hay fever, from which I suffered in the summer months, had also been cured. All in all, a remarkable experience.

Neil Baldock
Maidstone (Gardens for Pleasure)

This is a testimonial to say how appreciative I was and still am of my homeopathic consultations with you and with your remedies.

Originally I was the archetypal sceptic, but after just one session my views began to change. Your attitude and demeanour relaxed me at once. I had been hoping to leave with large bold pills because bold must be best, but I got the minutest ones imaginable. However, within a few days of taking them I felt the difference. Our subsequent consultations and your undoubted professionalism and dedication enhanced my belief in homeopathy. Thankfully, after just a few fortnightly consultations things got back on an even keel for me and have remained so ever since. If in the future I do feel the need for any medication, you can be sure that your surgery will be my first port of call.

Once again, thank you.

Destiny Krogsgaard, BSc DC
QL Chiropractics Director, West Malling and Staplehurst

Although I’m a Chiropractor, I still remain a little sceptical of alternative health treatments until I’ve seen evidence of it working. Homeopathy works! I was lucky enough to meet Dr Suppelt and thought I’d give homeopathy a try for a skin condition that I’d had for many years. Christine was very professional and asked me lots of questions to establish my personality type. She must have got the remedy perfect first time, because after taking just one dose, my skin condition that I had been plagued with for over 20 years disappeared literally overnight! Later I brought my two children, who were both suffering from a bout of tonsillitis (a regular occurrence for them). Christine gave them ‘Belladonna’, which eradicated their fever immediately and I realised that this was way more effective than the Calpol I had been giving them. They are doing very well on the other remedies and show no signs of the tonsillitis now. I can only recommend homeopathy and Dr Suppelt as a practitioner is thoughtful, understanding and very effective.

Steffi Cook
West Malling

From the age of about 2, my daughter Frankie suffered repeatedly from stomach upsets and diarrhoea, as well as eczema on her arms and legs, which I tried to control by cutting out wheat and dairy. This seemed to work for the stomach upsets, and I gradually introduced those foods again, but the eczema seemed to be getting progressively worse. Added to that came mood swings and terrible temper tantrums that were unlike previous terrible two's tantrums. I consulted Dr Suppelt after a few friends had recommended homeopathy, and wish I'd done it sooner! After only 2 sessions over 6 weeks, the eczema had basically vanished, and Frankie was much calmer and seemed to be much happier in herself. I went for a follow-up treatment after a few months, as some of the symptoms had reappeared (albeit a lot less dramatically), and Frankie responded fantastically. That last treatment was over 9 months ago, and Frankie hasn't had any further problems since!

Irene Moulton

I contacted Dr. Suppelt when I had been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. This is an autoimmune illness initially presenting itself with symptoms of double vision and weakness of the mouth muscles. As I play the clarinet the muscle weakness made the playing difficult and I was offered drugs that could help. However, these are very potent drugs with serious side-effects and I decided to try homeopathy. Dr. Suppelt  gave me the appropriate treatment, which was very effective, so no drugs had to be taken and the eye and facial muscle weakness has been controlled.

I also have had some problems with my digestive system and for some time have been suffering with continuous nausea. The homeopathic treatment given to me by Dr Suppelt for this has been very effective.  In addition I used to feel very lethargic, but the homeopathic pills have certainly lifted my spirits and increased my energy levels.

On a side note my daughter in law in Australia is expecting her first baby.  He, yes it is a boy, already has a mind of his own and decided that all sorts of positions were fun, which meant that he was breech and a caesarean section would have been essential. Unfortunately there are medical reasons why the doctors could not attempt to turn the baby around. I made a passing comment about this to Dr. Suppelt, who gave me some tablets for my daughter in law. The tablets duly arrived in Australia and were taken. Amazingly, following the treatment the baby turned into the right position, so we are now expecting a natural birth.

Natalie Wilson

We first visited Dr Suppelt last summer following a 4 year period where our daughter was on anti-biotics/penicillin almost every 3 months. She suffered from urine infections, ear and throat infections with high temperatures. Our GP advised us that this was 'normal' in a child of her age. Since starting on homeopathy in July last year, our daughter has not needed anti-biotics/penicillin for almost a year now. As soon as she shows signs of a sore ear/throat she starts taking homeopathy and reacts quickly and her symptoms soon go away. We have recommended homeopathy to friends and family and hope it helps many others as it has our daughter.


In the past whenever I have had a tetanus injection I have always had a bad reaction to it, my arm comes up in a lump and is painful to move. Christine prescribed a homeopathic treatment which very effectively relieved all the symptoms. My husband also used to suffer from headaches after a long days travelling, again Christine suggested a treatment which worked wonders in banishing the headaches. As a result of these experiences I would always consider homeopathy as a solution for both acute and chronic problems.

Tina Foreman
Shop Proprietor Headcorn

I had a hysterectomy in September 2009. I went straight into my menopause with hot flushes causing me great discomfort during the day and at night whilst trying to sleep. After the operation I was waking up very cold. I have also been a long term sufferer from "Restless leg syndrome (RLS)". I was prescribed HRT by my GP for the hot flushes and other menopausal symptoms but felt uneasy taking it as some of the reports worried me as to the possible side effects. I first went to see Dr Suppelt in February 2010. I wasn't sure what to expect but found her very easy to talk to and go through my past medical conditions. I have been to see her several times and by June 2010 I can honestly say I hardly get any hot flushes and my RLS has virtually gone and I no longer wake up cold.

I have recommended Dr Supplelt to my friends who are going to see her. Don't hesitate to book an appointment with her as I am sure you will benefit like myself.

Tina Foreman, Shop Proprietor Headcorn